Board of Directors

span class=”darkgrayBoldlarge”>Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meet the second Monday of the month at 6:00PM at the VCAT Office:

Jesse Bethel High School 1800 Ascot Parkway Vallejo
Rm. H100


Messages sent here go DIRECTLY to the Board of Directors.

Maria Guevara, Chair

Maria Guevara grew up around film and television. Her father was a Catholic television and
filmmaker and her mother, a producer. Maria has taken film, television, and acting classes
throughout her college years. Her first documentary was about the homeless people in Berkeley.
Maria is currently producing a series called, “Our Town” where Vallejo meets face to face,
and “Images of Us”. Maria lives in Vallejo. She attended St. Patrick-St.
Vincent High School, Vallejo High School and St. Mary’s College of California for her BA
in Law Studies. She is an executive producer with Group Nine Productions and Studio 437.

Dan Healy

Dan Healy was born and raised in Vallejo, graduated from St. Patrick’s High School,
then attended UC Davis and University of the Pacific, McGeroge Law School. He is an attorney
in private practice in Vallejo, California. Dan has served on numerous local boards; he is
a past president of the Solano County Bar Association, and served 15 years on the board of
Solano Catholic Social Services. Currently Dan is the Chair of the Solano County Democratic
Central Committee. Dan Healy has been involved with broadcast media since producing public
affairs radio during college at KDVS, Davis.

Shaaron Fox-Lee-Bent, Secretary

Shaaron Fox-Lee-Bent has been a VCAT member since 2006 and is an active VCAT producer.
Shaaron is a member of several community organizations including the Vallejo Arts Commission.

Gonzalo Gonzalez

Gonzalo Gonzalez, is the City of Vallejo Chief Information Officer and has been a member
of the Board of Directors since February 2007.

Jackie Nelson

Jackie Nelson is an active VCAT Producer and lives in Vallejo.

Lesli Rota

Lesli Rota is the Dean of Fine & Applied Arts /Behavioral Sciences at Solano Community College.
She has been employed at Solano Community College for 33 years, and during that time has
served in a variety of positions including counselor, Director of Student Development,
Psychology instructor and coordinator of the SCC Vacaville Center. In her current
position she supervises 17 academic departments including TV /Cinema.

Doug Sherman

Doug Sherman was born and raised in Vallejo, graduated from Vallejo High School, attended
Solano Community College for undergraduate work and transferred to UC Davis and earned a
Bachelors degree in Physics. During his time at UC Davis, Doug was an active member of the
Davis science center, a not for profit Community organization dedicated to bringing science
education to the local community and schools. Doug has worked for National Mobile Television
for the past 17 years, first as Engineer in Charge of a mobile television unit that served
clients all over the US and abroad. Doug’s clients include ESPN, NBC, ABC, Fox Sports, MTV,
KRON, KPIX, KQED, KCAL etc. Several years ago Doug transitioned into the IT department
to write software and help manage the company’s information systems and now serves as
the company’s IT Manager.

Rev. Dr. Tony Ubalde

Rev. Dr. Tony Ubalde is a long time Vallejo resident and a retired clergyman. He currently
serves as a Chaplain to the Vallejo Police Department. Rev. Dr. Ubalde has held numerous
leadership positions within the Vallejo Community and is a past member of the Solano
Community College Board of Trustees. Rev. Dr. Ubalde has been a member of the VCAT Board
of Directors since May of 2005.

Lenard East

Lenard East is a seasoned IT executive with over 20 years experience in all aspects of IT.
His career includes senior management positions in large banking institutions like JP Morgan
Chase, Washington Mutual, and Bank of the West. Beginning in 1989 Lenard served as a Senior
Technology Consultant at Alltel Information Services for 10 years. Lenard traveled
United States and abroad designing sophisticated networking solutions for some of the
largest banks in the world. Mr. East has been featured in the Wall Street Journal,
Network World, Information Weekly publications and also serves on the Board of Directors for
Vallejo Community Arts Foundation. He is the Host and Executive Producer Real Talk, one
of VCAT’s premier talk shows. He is the President & CEO of an entertainment company named
Four Rivers Productions, where he promotes Jazz, Blues, Gospel, and R&B music, TV
and film production.

Jacalyn Evon, Treasurer

A Vallejo resident, Jacalyn has produced and hosted local talk show formats for over 6 years,
and now hosts her current program Talkabout appearing on our own VCAT, Channel 27.
An independent filmmaker, and playwright, she is former founder and publisher of the
international poetry forum, In The Company of Poets Magazine. She is a self-employed
business owner, real estate Broker, in the industry for over 18 years, and has served
on the board of a number of Bay Area organizations. Participating in her 2nd centennial
Census campaign, she currently serves as Partnership Assistant with the US Census Bureau,
as liaison between the Census and the community in an effort to assure a more accurate
and complete count of her local community.

John Kelly

Kevin Humphrey

Kevin is the President and CEO of KHP (Kevin Humphrey Productions) and is dedicated to helping
VCAT create quality programming. Kevin has been instrumental in the development of studio operations
at VCAT and the training of television crews in the proper use of lighting, camera and audio
techniques. KHP also supplies equipment for VCAT to use at remote productions such as the 4th of July
parade in Vallejo. Kevin has produced several successful programs in Vallejo such as, One Positive
Place for Kids, a documentary about the Vallejo Boys and Girls Club and the hit TV Show,
“Real Talk with Lenard East”. Kevin is a native of San Francisco and now resides in Vallejo.

Messages sent here go DIRECTLY to the Board of Directors.


VCAT Bylaws


Board of Directors’ Roles and Responsibilities


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